Image by Tammy Gann

Scrap Arts

‘Something out of nothing’
Scrap metal is a very eco-friendly medium for art lovers to work with as no new materials need to be used to create the piece like from old bicycle chains to  nuts anything and everything out there can be used.
We thought that if we could make something out of nothing, it would get the publicly associated with art. It is amazing the things we can do with twisted, scrap metal.”
Seeing the heap of projects leftover metal pieces again and again, with all our hearts and minds stuck on the beauty of scrap arts we all came upon a conclusion to give a tribute to Indian Army


Scrap Art of Army Man is a tribute to Indian Army who sacrifices themselves for our wellbeing.
Being so much appreciated and loved for Our first scrap art we decided to try our hands on another when which no doubt was a great success



And continuing the legacy of Scrap Art as we were more fascinated by its beauty
Presenting The YMCA LOGO
Visualizing the journey from YMCA INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING University to J.C BOSE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. Name is identity and logo is face to identify. Team Mechnext was gratified for being a part in new logo formation of prestigious University.This new logo was put on show during Elements Culmyca'19


The symbol of this initiative is a giant lion having many wheels. This indicates peaceful progress and way to the vibrant future of the country. A giant walking lion with many wheels represents courage, strength, tenacity, and wisdom.