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Delivery Drone

Meet The Team

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Sachin Adhwaria


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Namit Nehru


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Sachin Panwar


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Sahil Yadav


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Rishabh Tripathi


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Harsh Miglani


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Paras Arora


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Vivek Kumar


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Project Head

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Anjali Sharma


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Ayush kapoor


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Rahul Wadhwa


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Rohan Sharma



The delivery drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used for transportation of food packages, medical supplies of other goods. This project includes the building architecture of autonomous delivery drone which simply categorized into designing, coding, electronics and material selection.

The Market

The market includes the procurement of drones as well as delivery service offered by drone delivery service providers. The market is categorized based on type, into rotary-wing or fixed-wing. By capacity, into less than or greater than 10Kg .By end users, into food, healthcare, retail & logistics

Our Vision

We consider two key trends in drones. The first is the evolution towards full beyond the line of sight autonomous navigation .The second one is the evolution of drones well beyond just flying photography cameras.
For the first trend, we developed a road map showing how the sensors and the supporting infrastructure need to evolve in order to achieve full autonomy. We have considered IMUs, GPS, camera, Infrared, Ultrasound, RADAR and LIDAR sensors for this purpose.
For the second trend we are considering Thermal, Multispectral, Hyper spectral, Gas and various other sensors.
Now, software and analytics are key to drones thus, we have three tiers of software : Flight Control, Mission Planning & Management and Data Analytics.

Global Growth of Drone

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase in the deployment of drones for delivering a wide range of medical equipments, cargo and parcels. The increased emphasis on contactless deliveries to remote areas at a faster pace compared to traditional delivery channels lead to increased demand for delivery drone in 2020.
With the increase in demand, various countries are easing their regulations to support the operation of drones in their airspace, which is expected to accelerate the growth in procurement of drones to offer new delivery routes for remote areas during the forecast period.

At last, the drones are future delivery man for Us!